Pilates in Pregnancy and Beyond
Everyone is talking about how good Pilates is for you, but can it be done when you are pregnant?

The answer is YES. It offers many benefits, provided you go to a pre and post natal specialist Pilates teacher, remember that you are special and need special care. Specialist classes are smaller and are structured solely for pre or post natal women. The supervision will ensure that you are exercising safely and correctly as your body is changing.
In early pregnancy Pilates will help prepare your body for these changes. It will help strengthen the muscles that usually weaken during pregnancy and helps with joint stability. This is important as the body produces relaxin during pregnancy to increase the range of movement in the pelvis to accommodate the growing baby. Pilates can help prevent injury or back pain whilst the body is experiencing these changes by maintaining correct posture, which can be affected as the baby grows. Pilates also helps increase blood circulation and the oxygen supply to the growing baby in the womb. The classes are adapted for each trimester as your body changes as the baby grows.

In late pregnancy, classes focus on preparing for birth. Exercises centre on breathing and relaxation, and teach useful positions for labour, keeping the pelvis mobile.
Postnatal classes are for mums from 6 weeks after the birth (later in the case of C-section) once you have received approval from your GP or midwife to exercise. Pilates is ideal for the postnatal period focusing on strengthening the pelvic floor and encouraging the closure of the abdominal muscles that have separated during the late stages of pregnancy and helps to get your body back to normal.

Being a new Mum is tiring so you need to look after yourself. It is good for mum to have a break and spend a little time for herself, whilst meeting other new Mums.
In fact, many women first discover Pilates either when they are pregnant or have just given birth, and the best thing about that is you can be fitter than you were before you became pregnant!

Pilates for pregnancy is done on a 1-1, 1-2 or small group of 4 in my studio.

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