Why Pilates?

- Bad postural habits develop from performing repetitive actions with incorrect and poor posture. This leads to imbalance and pain with some joints becoming more worn then others, some muscles more dominant, whilst others are weak and inefficient. 

- Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and lungs, and strengthens the muscles that move us. However, if we exercise with the same slumped posture that we unconsciously hold ourselves in during our daily activities, we are sending a message to our body to stay in that position.

- Pilates is a form of exercise that initially targets the deep muscles that support you, rather then the muscles that move you. It works from the inside out. It teaches you safe and effective exercises, which, if done regularly can help to improve posture, and strength.

- Pilates teaches you about YOUR body, where your weak areas are, how your body deals with and compensates for these weaknesses, and why this leads to aches and pains. 

- In Pilates the emphasis is on quality rather then quantity. Working slowly and breaking down the exercises means that you are able to tune into YOUR body. To enable you to change the bad habits you need to be aware of what they are.

- You will be encouraged to use what you learn in your every day activities. By doing this you are not only continuing to exercise your postural muscles throughout the day, but you are encouraging good habits to develop in your body.