AJM Pilates can really make a difference.
Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the feed back I have received.

I am so glad I chose your Healthy Back Pilates class, being given personalised exercises to do at home and attending the small group sessions has literally changed my life!
So different from most Pilates classes where you are just one of many, I certainly feel you look after all of us that attend as individuals.
I have been able to do much more than I first thought I could do, I’ve even stopped taking my pain killers! It’s not just helped me physically but mentally too, I feel much more positive about my future now.

“Pilates - a system to improve your body through breathing and muscle work
 Alison - a knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging teacher - full of ideas to help her pupils
 Pilates + Alison - a perfect combination that I would thoroughly recommend as the improvements  to my muscles and therefore my body have been amazing.
 Give it a go  - it is so worthwhile.”

I love using the spiky ball it relieves the tightness in your feet and bottom, this has been great for my bad foot, giving me better circulation and less pain!  On the whole I feel so much better and slowly feel my back is getting stronger even only after 6 sessions.  I know it will take a long time but when you have been in so much pain it does'nt matter.  Thank you for giving me back my freedom!!!

“Many thanks for a fantastic year of Pilates. It has really transformed my back. I can fly long haul now without any trouble and I have hardly any pain in my leg anymore. My body loves you and says a big thank you! You make the classes so enjoyable.”

“Who would have believed that 12 months ago I couldn't sit at all, could barely rock my pelvis, had no stability, no balance and was in so much pain.  I can't recommend doing individual Pilates sessions enough, it was worth every penny.  When I first saw you surgery seemed inevitable, 2 months later my dropped foot had almost resolved, and the ulcers between my toes started healing within weeks of doing those special foot exercises. There were times when I wondered if I'd ever make progress, finding out that an exercise I couldn't do 2 weeks ago was now possible was such an important motivator for me.  I'm pain free and can nearly touch my toes and I know it's all down to Pilates. Thank you so much.”

I have really enjoyed coming along to your classes. I have also found that the “one to one “sessions have benefited me greatly and have helped to mobilise my neck and shoulders and to improve my posture which needed correcting due to long periods spent hunched over a computer keyboard.  Not only are all of your classes so much fun and are an ideal way to gently stretch one’s muscles and become more supple but the exercises taught for specific problems, in the “one to one “ sessions really do provide rapid relief to tight muscles and they can be followed at home also.  I have no hesitation in recommending both your weekly classes and your “one to one” sessions.

“After just one session the problem I was having with my sciatic nerve disappeared and I have had no pain since.”

“After suffering a prolapsed disc aged 18, and being dubious about the potential benefits Pilates could offer, I have now regained almost full confident movement of my lower back and I am now able to enjoy my sports and active lifestyle. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Pilates rocks!”

“I can now fly long haul without any pain in my back and enjoy activity holidays again.”

“Before I started Pilates I would get a pain in the small of my back, like a dull ache every now and then, mainly when I had been driving or after I had spent all day at my desk. I would also get very stiff shoulders from being hunched over my keyboard. Pilates has helped me to understand why I get this aches and pains, and has showed me how to combat them. My posture has improved and I don’t get a pain in my lower back anymore. I have learnt exercises to help relieve my aches when I get them, which is a lot less often. I would definitely recommend Pilates to anyone who has any pain in their back or who has a desk job as it makes you feel a lot more supple and flexible.”

“Many Thanks for keeping both of us pain free and mobile this year – fantastic!”

“I really, really enjoy my 1-1 sessions and I am very grateful for the exercises you have taught me, you are a great teacher. My neck problems have gone and my posture is very much improved.”       
“Thank you for the wonderful lessons!”

“My back is so much better since coming to your Pilates classes. “

"Using the equipment as made such a difference to my body and strength"

"I love the equipment, give a try you will too"